From Hy-Grade Sales, to Buzz Products, Inc, to Buzz Food Service, to just plain Buzz, our business has survived and thrived by meeting the changing needs of our customers.  The only thing that has never changed is our role as a specialty meat company.  While many products and opportunities in foodservice come and go, our ongoing commitment to the highest quality beef, lamb, pork, veal and seafood have brought us to where we are today: the supplier of choice among chefs who want the best. These pages are meant to share a history of our company and an assortment of recent news coverage.  Thanks for taking time to learn more about Buzz.

Original Buzz Executive Team


Hy-Grade Sales Becomes Buzz Products, Inc.

From left to right, Jim Sturm, Dick Gould Sr., Mike Spadafora and Dick Gould Jr. made up the executive team that purchased Charleston’s Hy-Grade Sales in 1968 and renamed the company Buzz Products, Inc.

Dick Gould Jr. poses with his mother Gladys Brewer Gould in front of a freshly painted delivery truck, circa 1969.


Buzz Buttered Steaks

The purchase of Hy-Grade Sales was desirable for one reason over every other… the company that made Buzz Buttered Steaks. Here, Dick Gould Jr. poses with his mother Gladys Brewer Gould in front of a freshly painted delivery truck, circa 1969.

Buzz's new meat processing facility in Kanawha City, circa 1969.


Buzz Gets a New Processing Facility

The first step of the new management team was to build a new, state-of-the-art meat processing facility, which moved the company from its Bullitt Street location on Charleston’s East End to Kanawha City, circa 1969.

Haddy's Prime Beef


Haddy's Prime Beef

In the early 80’s, Buzz took on the staff and customers of Haddy’s Prime Beef, a well-known retail butcher shop on Charleston’s East End, giving the company a much more diverse selection of processed meat items to offer customers and the ability to cater to the fine-dining segment of foodservice.  Soon, every private club, hotel and upscale restaurant was buying Buzz beef.

Hungry Thief Grabs Steak Laden Truck


Hungry Thief Grabs Steak Laden Truck

In 1976, a Buzz truck loaded with Buzz Buttered Steaks was stolen from the Kanawha City warehouse, setting off a multi-state manhunt.  News coverage of the crime sent sales of the product soaring and proved once and for all, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Ribbon Cutting


Ribbon Cutting

Success in the foodservice industry included more than just meats and soon the company needed more than just a meat processing facility, it needed a warehouse.  In this photo, (from left), John Haddy Jr., Robert Haddy, WV Commissioner of Agriculture Gus Douglas, Dick Gould Sr., Dick Gould Jr. and Jim Sturm cut the ribbon to open Buzz’s third location in Charleston, and it’s current home on Route 60 near Malden, circa 1986.

Black Angus Cattle on the Range


Black Angus Cattle on the Range

In 1995, Buzz was granted license to process and distribute the beef industry’s most exclusive branded beef program, Certified Angus Beef.  The product of choice for discerning chefs across the country, being WV’s only processor of Certified Angus Beef further solidified the company’s reputation as the premier source of quality meats.


Another Generation Joins the Family Business

In 2005, Dickinson Gould III joined the family business as the third generation of Goulds to operate the business.  Shown here are Joanette Gould, Dick Gould Jr., Angela Gould and Dickinson Gould III.

Chef with a BIG flame!


A New chapter

Today, the company’s focus on center-of-the-plate proteins, including beef, lamb, pork, veal and fresh seafood, along with a consultative approach to selling has made Buzz an essential resource for chefs, managers and owners with foodservice operations of every shape and size.

Cast Iron Cook Off


Buzz Supports the Culinary Arts

Always looking for new ways to support our local chefs and food scene, participating in the annual Cast Iron Cook-Off is just one way that Buzz gives back.  Shown here at the 2016 event, Chef Scott McGregor of Snowshoe Mountain slices radishes and celery root as our own Kayla Young makes maple ice cream and Sierra Jones stirs fish bone broth.

FeastivAll Fundraiser


Making Our Community Better

Another way that Buzz gives back is by lending support to community fundraisers of all kinds.  Corporate Chef Paul Smith has helped to coordinate each of four annual fundraisers for Charleston's celebration of the arts, FestivAll.  In 2016, Chef planned an outstanding five course meal with more great Buzz customers, shown here with Heath Ax of Berry Hills Country Club and Tim Urbanic of Cafe Cimino Country Inn.