Jason Jean

Jason Jean
Vice President

After eight years of setting the standard for excellence in operational and sales growth, Jason Jean was promoted to Vice President in August 2018.  Jason possesses an uncommon wealth of meat and seafood knowledge. He is a self-taught home chef who has probably sampled more of our offerings than anyone at Buzz.  In his free time, Jason works as an unpaid chauffeur to three daughters. His expertise at Buzz is high quality proteins. His expertise in life is being a great dad.

Favorite Cut of Meat: Bone In Ribeye

Best concert you attended: Metallica

Song that most reminds Sierra of Jason: "Miami" - Will Smith

Best advice you’ve received: “Keep your head up”

3 things you’d take on a desert island: BEEF, Fire, Water

Reach Jason at: jason@beef.buzz or 304-925-4781 x 112.

Learn more about Jason by visiting his Linkedin Profile.

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