Buzz Food Service is expanding our current operations to include a top-of-the-line USDA inspected livestock slaughter and processing facility in Kanawha County, WV.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality products with the highest level of service while pursuing efficiency, sustainability, and while providing educational opportunities for staff, producers and students throughout the region.


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Through an Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) Pilot Program administered by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, Buzz Foods will remediate property and construct a livestock slaughter facility. The company has been working with several partners including the West Virginia Department of Agriculture, WVU Extension, Charleston Area Alliance, the West Virginia Small Business Development Center, the West Virginia National Guard, and Refresh Appalachia to facilitate the project. The new facility will create an estimated 25 to 30 full-time jobs and an additional 15 to 20 temporary jobs. Construction is set to begin Fall 2019.

Project goals include supply-chain development, job training, workforce and business development and opportunities for local farmers to participate in value-added product expansion. Costs covered by the grant include AML reclamation and remediation costs, land acquisition and related costs, site development, facility construction, meat processing equipment and operation costs.

Appalachian Abattoir planned plant features:

  • USDA inspected plant
  • USDA grading services
  • Slaughter, cut/wrap processing services
  • High quality cuts and direct purchase from producers
  • Source verification for local products.
  • Quality packaging and labeling
  • Value-added product capabilities
  • Scalder and smokehouse on-site
  • Multi-species: beef, pork, lamb, goat
    • *No bison, rabbits or poultry
  • Animal welfare/humane handling

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Producer FAQ
Culinary FAQ
General FAQ
Producer FAQ - Are you a producer?

What kind of inspection will the facility be under?

The facility will be USDA inspected which means that products produced in this facility under USDA inspection will be able to be sold across state lines.

Where is the facility?

It is going to be co-located with our current facility at 4818 Kanawha Blvd East (Route 60) near Rand WV.

Can I get my cattle, lamb, hogs, or goats slaughtered and processed here?

Yes, we will offer traditional livestock slaughter and processing services.

Will you be slaughtering Bison, Rabbits, Poultry?

No, the facility is not intended to process bison and small animals.

Will Buzz Foods buy my livestock?

That is the plan! If you are interested in selling to our facility please be in touch with our project manager, Annie Stroud, annie@beef.buzz.  We are looking forward to offering source verified products to our customers and are excited to build our supplier network.

Do you have protocols or specs for the livestock you plan to purchase?

Yes, we are initially planning on sourcing finished cattle for our graded product lines and also cull cows and low-grade for ground beef lines. If you are intersted in selling livestock please be in touch.   

Will you have a scalder?

Yes! We will have a scalder for skin-on pork products

Will you have a smokehouse?


Can I make/use my own label?

Yes, we are planning on offering color labels to producers.

Can you grade my products?

Yes, we plan to have a USDA grader on-site to grade carcasses. This information will be relayed back to producers to help inform herd management decisions.


Culinary - FAQ - are you a chef?

How do you define local?

We have not fully defined this yet but intend to source product from within a 100-200 mile radius of the facility. 

Will I be able to purchase local products through Buzz?

Yes! That is the plan. We intend to work with quality producers in the region to add to our current offerings.

I’m already working with a producer, would they be able to bring their products through your facility?

Absolutely! We will offer traditional slaughter/cut/wrap services as well as have the capacity to buy direct from them and deliver to our customers.

Will you be making [Your favorite meat product - Bacon sausages, prosciutto, skin on hams, corned meats, charcuterie etc.]

Maybe! We will have dedicated value-added processing capabilities.  Final product offerings partially depend on the demand from customers and producers.


General FAQ

When is the facility going to be ready?

Anticipated completion is Summer 2020.

Where can I find more information about AML Pilot Projects?

The Office of Surface Mine Reclamation has information about the AML pilot programs https://www.osmre.gov/resources/grants.shtm

Who do I talk to for more information?

Annie Stroud, Project manager, annie@beef.buzz 304-925-4781 x114

I am a vendor, supplier, contractor and am interested in being notified about potential bidding opportunities with this project - who do I contact?

Annie Stroud, Project manager, annie@beef.buzz 234-925-4781 x114

I am interested in working at this facility, who do I contact?

We will post job opportunities as they come available, to be added to the list please contact Annie Stroud, Project manager, annie@beef.buzz 304-925-4781 x114